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>> good evening i'm amma. dan is off tonight. the breaks news is in south hand so say. firefighters at the sports complex right now off 101 facility where people skate, play soccer, take classes. we understand that there is a potential hazardous material situation right now. some sort of chemical may have leaked. fire dispatch tells us theory valuating people on the scene. we have a reporter on the way. we'll bring you any information as it develops. get ready to get soaked. today we have fog so thick that flights are delayed at the airport. sfo may still experience delays we may get more fog tomorrow and then come the rains and potential flooding. sandhya is here with the details. sandhya. >> let's check out live doppler 7 hd writ now. we have fog around parts of the bay area and already getting thick. let me show you the visibility right now. less than a quarter of a mile in novato. dense
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there. visibility dropped to 2 miles in fairfield and napa where it's foggyy. fog around santa rose down to 4 miles so the morning commute will include areas of dense fog. could see some delay at sfo once again and as we look beyond tomorrow we are watching for several storms. this is the first one due in here on wednesday. here's theecond storm and third storm coming in here. i'll have the timing of these systems and exactly when the heaviest rain and wind will fall coming up in just a few minutes. >> all right sand why thank you. >> in oakland they are calling it neighborhood guard. combination of watchful residence and infrared surveillance camera to fight crime. help is needed. latest statistics from the oakland police department show home burglary up 26 percent. there have been more than 4300 residential break insofar this year compared to about 3400 this time last year. 78 percent spike in car break-ins. more than 5700 this year compared to about 3200 in late
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november of 2011. nick smith has more on this new anti-crime effort and how it works. >> our neighbor just couple minutes ago called me and told me a bunch of people in front of her house our house so what's going on? so i came outside to see. >>reporter: what he found was me. talking to this man. about the use of high tech camera in the neighborhood. >> it's very modest investment investments. >>reporter: he lived here three years and for few hundred dlaers and the neighbors had the ka camera installed called neighborhood guard. >> are you capturing us right now. >>reporter: he sdrnt to tell. signs posted along the entrance to the home warned all who enter you are being watched. strong message to those up to no good. >> never again will we allow a criminal to enter or leave our neighborhood undetected. >>reporter: after neighbor was the target of violent home invasion he encouraged his block to take action. thus the introduction of the cameras. some like these you can see.
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others are hidden. these images are from neighborhood guard. they captured my photographer and me as we entered the neighborhood. their folk sows clear you can easily identify my facial features. articles of clothing and general weight and height. all of that is stored on a database and those living here give them to police if there's a crime. >> any time you can bring that that he willment into and for the investigation that's very valuable. >>reporter: the infrared camera even work well in low or no light. the neighbors aren't concerned about being watched. >> nobody externally watching us and we because we know who we are also know who don't belong here. >>reporter: and police say that is key. knowing who does and does not belong in the neighborhood can also provide investigators with key information. in oakland, nick smith, 7 news. >> santa clara county prosecutors reveal today they are considering charging a 15-year-old as an adult following a deadly crime spree.
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he was arrested in concord friday. san jose police believe the teenager teamed up with 26-year-old jonathan willbanks in at least 4 armed robberies. detectives also suspect the pair of carjacking and killing a man outside 7-11 and wound ago police officer who was chasing them on november 16. san jose jewelry store owner stopped an armed robber in a bold way. police say she's lucky things turned out the way they d.her strategy is not one they recommend. wayne has the story. >> they point a gun and made demand for some items within the store. >>reporter: who they are remains a mystery tonight. 2 gunmen who entered the small store this morning and pounded on the counter expecting to make off with watches and jewelry who found a pistol levels at them instead. the store owner reportedly a woman shot at least one time and while she didn't hit anyone the suspects ran outside to make the escape in a waiting suv. police admit she had a constitutional right to protect her property but they wish she
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had held back in steady of firing. >> we don't recommend it. we would have preferred that they just go ahead and comply with the request or demand of the robbers. again they were after material items. it can be replaced. again our biggest fear is that somebody would have gotten hurt injured and possibly even died. >>reporter: the store owner would not were not anxious to appear on camera today. trying to keep a low profile but told me when i spoke with them that they had video surveillance in the store. video surveillance captured everything. police indicate they now have those tapes. they are hoping to identify those suspects and make an arrest. in san jose, abc 7 news. tragic accident in redwood city. 14-year-old girl died today after she was hit by a pickup truck while riding her bike to school. happened on jefferson avenue and alameda around 8:30 this morning. police say the man driving the pick up stopped after the crash and is cooperating with them as they try to figure out what led to the tragedy.
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>> san francisco general hospital is enjoying the list suing the dodgers and former owner over the beating of brian stowe. hospital is asking for 1.2 million dollars to cover the cost of providing stowe extensive brain trauma care. stowe beaten by 2 men outside dodger stadium following the 2011 season opener against the giants. firefighters say they found the cause of carbon monoxide poisoning scare that sent 14 people to the hospital last night. firefighters comb the house for hours lacking for the source of a leak but then figured out it was caused by a lot of cigarette smoking. only 2 people inside the house tested positive for the deadly gas. one of them an elderly smoker. fire officials say the rest of the people showing signs of poisoning most likely suffered from psychosomatic symptoms. >> bird strike can bring down an airplane which is why a bay area airport wants to be able to kill birds if necessary to prevent problems. the corrina has the story from san jose
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international airport. >>reporter: the latest serious bird striking at san jose international airport happened just this month and involved u.s. airway plane like this one. the pilot declared an emergency after take off and returned to the airport on one engine. >> i have heard stories and they do seem kind of scary would be 63rd too if i were in the plane. >>reporter: airport is working with the u.s. department of agriculture to implement wild life hazard management program that wants the city okay to continue the practice of using cracker shells to scare birds with loud noise and also get perfect m dogs use deadly bird shot when needed. >> at the very last measure we will, they will be permitted if this item passs to actually use guns on airport to take bird by lethal means. >>reporter: faa launch add crack down to reduce bird strike after the so-called miracle landing on the hudson if january 2009. danville pilot successfully landed the u.s. airway jet in the hudson river after a flock of geese
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destroyed both engines. san jose 1,000 acre airport has large birds such as sea gull and raptor as well as flock of smaller birds which can cuss problems. air travelers we talk with think trained professionals should have option including deadly force. >> they obviously know that best case scenario how to take the least amount of action to secure the most good. i have to leave witness them. >>reporter: the city council is expected to aparagraph the airport more aggressive approach to bird strike. >> no. 1 priority is making sure 11 million passengers get in and out of that airport safely every single year. and so we have to do everything we can. can't afford to be wrong even once. >>reporter: council votes tomorrow whether to modify the municipal code to allow a usda biologist and several trained airport operation personnel to fire weapons at this facility. in san jose, abc 7 news. . today is the biggest on line
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shopping day ever. coming up. soaring sales not over yet. we are still in the peek time zone for deep discounts. >> also ahead. why christmas tree could be in high demand this season. you might want to buy one sooner rather than later. >> bay area animal shelter where it actually pays to bring your chihuahua for care. >> and as we look live outside >> and as we look live outside zappedia will be right back
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>> 19 dollars today first time they have traded that high in more than 2 and a half years at yahoo. the stock has been climbing since yahoo began buying back the own stock and more investors than on ceo marissa meier ability to turn around the long struggling company. >> facebook stock rose more than 8% today to just under 26 dollars a share after a good word from a wall street analys analyst. bernstein analyst said facebook would beat ex pegs taition over the next 12 to 24 months. >> this is a hoax from facebook. users saw the message making the rounds asking to cut paste post personal declaration in response new facebook guidelines. facebook spokesman says the company does not and never did try to secure
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copyright on any material shared by users. internet watch dog group says the notice is simply false. americans tonight are flir flirting with history doing it one click at a time on the computer. has to do with cybermonday as millions get the holiday gifts on line. may still get on line messages telling you less than 3 hours to go. we brick did you know the numbers. >> across the country today from couch commerce at home to the cubicle at work americans were buying at a record pace. having every bit of their on line behavior tracked. we know at least half of cybermonday purchases were made from a work computer while the boss wasn't looking. mainly between noon and 2:00 p.m. browsing reaches a peek in the evening. we know at that time most purchased items are consumer electronic including phones and tablet followed by clothing like jeans and sweaters. and in a growing trend we know that more than ever before people are doing it
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on the go. from a mobile device. many while walking the aisle independence a store. in fact an estimated 48 million shoppers now do something called showrooming. checking out a product or price in the real world before buying it on line. >> personalize shopping. it's really becoming quite 70's indicated. the it's benefiting the consumer. >>reporter: nobody has perfected on line shopping like amazon which gave us rare access to one of the company's 80 massive fulfillment center where we order add video game. pulled from a shelf by hand then sent on its which through millions of conveyor belt before being boxed up. all in just a matter of howevers. >> cybermonday is a big deal for us. it's real. it's not something made up for us to get some hype. >>reporter: the company doesn't only sell just about everything. it i uses sophisticated programs to track your on line habit. fully custom shopping experience to not only match prices but
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increasingly match your desire. >> i log on and automatically you are suggesting i might want this and that. we have teams of super smart people who buil buildal go rhythm to create personal recommendation for customers. >>reporter: on line shopping, people return a lieutenant more up to 35 percent of on line purchases are returned versus only about 18 percent from traditional stores. as for the video game that i purchased from amazon? it showed up from phoenix almost quicker than i did with a handwritten message that i put inside happy holidays from abc news. cybermonday generates a lot of sales but the shopping season actually began months ago. >> holiday season started on september 30 which is a full month earlier than last year so consumer really have been lacking for the deals earlier and retailers have been providing them. >> last year if and this year up to 25% right now with today.
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>>reporter: small retailers such as rc unlimit add hobby shop in san jose seen the on line sales grochlt analyst worry this long shopping season could have the draw back. >> in this really long shopping period i think consumer are going to purchase impulsively because of lo price but they have time to return the gift if something better comes along. >>reporter: cybermonday was created in 2005. people did the hotel difficult shopping on line the monday after thanksgiving because that's when they were back in the office with access to high speed internet with. you may twont buy the christmas tree now instead of later. there are some great trees to be sure but you will see plenty that have brown limb and others orderly trichltd the reason lack of water this summer drought took a toll on cerebral palsy across the country including christmas tremendous. to get the best available shop early and shop big. because old growth trees fare better in
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drought conditions. so maybe tomorrow if you don't have to work before the written comes in. >> yes. once the rain and wind come in amma it's a long stretch before you get a break to good get a tree. might be a good idea to head out tomorrow. but you have to watch out for the fog if you are going in the morning. show you live picture rate now. from our high definition em reallyville camera look back across the bay to the bay bridge. visibility looks fine from this perspective but we have fog already dropping visibility around napa to 3 quarters of a mile foggy around concord. santa rosa. let's check out live doppler 7 hd. besides the fog we are also seeing some high clouds beginning to approach. you can see them here. whiter clouds here. so we'll be watching those clouds as that could interfere with the fog development tonight. here are the temperatures in the 40's and the 50's. so getting cool out there especially napa fairfield down to the mid 40's at this hour. 80's of dense fog overnight. look for wet windy weather starting wednesday and more
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storms going into the weekend. so tomorrow morning certainly watch out for the valley fog. we already have it around places like fairfield. it's chilly too so you want to bundle up in the morning. 37 fairfield. 40 livermore. vallejo. along the coast line you will see areas of low clouds and patches of fog. not quite as wide spread as what we saw yesterday. 49 in oakland. 44 palo alto. 43 degrees in san jose. give yourself extra time due to the area of fog and of course bundle up. here's storm no. 1. burst of wind rain wednesday morning. it will continue into wednesday afternoon evening. storm no. 2 this will bring heavy rain to northern california thursday into friday and there's storm no. 3. this will bring wide spread wind and rain this coming weekend. bottom line is we are going to get significant amount of rain out of this. wednesday 5:00 a.m. storms approaching during the morning commute unfortunately is when we see the stormiest of the weather heavy rain strong winds out of the south. 50 to 60
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miles an hour gust expected along the coast and over the hills so likely issue a wind watch or wind advisory as we get closer it becomes a high wind warning. see the rainfall will continue. only tapers on wednesday night for the second storm to hit us on thursday. when all said and done wednesday through sunday updated written fall total. the wettest north bay location up to 8 inches as we head into sunday. 6 inches across the heart of the bay area. 3 to 4 inches across the south pay east bay and heading out to the peninsula. tops off heading down towards the monterey bay. but with this kind of rain we are concerned so flood watch is up from wednesday through saturday. lake county the straits and sacramento valley and northern san joaquin valley. the creek may flood. be aware of that. with those strong gusty winds could even see down tree and power lines. tomorrow afternoon could see few sprinkle in advance of the storm. upper 50's to low 60's. increasing cloud cover as the
9:21 pm
day goes on and around the monterey bay. temperatures pretty much on the mild side with low to mid 60's. here's a look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. we are going to see periods of heavy rain and wind wednesday thursday. really heading into the weekend not much of a relief there and by that time we could be talking about potential for more problems as ground gets saturated. >> because of the rain thank you so much. >> just ahead. entrepreneur best known for threes turning to real estate. plans to build a small city and why it will cost people half million dollars to live there. we are [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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>> update on the breaking news at the top of the newscast. potential hazard material situation at san jose sports club. fire dispatch tells us
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that everything is fine. it turns out an employee put too much oil in the steam room. people were irritated by it and the fair department was called. again everyone is okay. the man behind tesla pay pal and space x has a new venture in the work. colony on mars. gel for 80,000 people to live there. but must start small fearing 10 people at a time to see if living on the red planet is viable. in order to actually get people out there he wants to build a reusable rocket loosely based on the booster which is the launcher for the space x drag on capsule the one that finished the first official private delivery to the international space station. mars plan is estimated to cost 36 billion. a ticket cost 500,000. >> nasa selected veteran astronaut scott kelly to take part in the longest mission yet to the international space station. scott and russian
9:26 pm
cosmonaut begin training next year for year long mission aboard the iss. mission begins in the spring of 2015. the 2 men will take part in sprments to examine in the long-term effects of weightlessness on humans. space shuttle veteran scott kelly hail from a family of astronauts. identical twin mark kelly also flew shuttle missions. he's married to gabriel giffords. >> 5 good 54 day before the next election and already the first candidate for state wide office from the bay area. that story is next. plus. the cabinet should have that he will could soon play out at the white house. potential bay area replacement. >> and tainted peanut butter. fda uses the power to shut down entire processing plant. >> plus protest over low milk >> plus protest over low milk crisis turns
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>> there are only 36 days until the nation could go over a fiscal cliff with a tax hike for everyone on new year's day and spending cuts on federal programs. today some republicans are defying party politics and break ago pledge they made in the name of a sluchlingts jonathan karl explains article of republican faith for decade. no tax increases of any kind, period. behind it all. this man. november quist. considered one of the most powerful men in washington. sentences he worked for ronald reagan in the 1980's he's gotten virtually every elected republican to sign a pledge promising no tax increases. >> taxpayer friendly congress. >>reporter: sign to it help electricityed don't violent it for fear of getting hammered for breaking the word.
9:31 pm
>> how many of these things have been signed. >> thousands over the years. >>reporter: he keeps them on file. n boehner pledge signed 20 years ago. >> nobody signed this 10 years ago, 18 years ago 20 years ago are they still bound by it. >> no. >>reporter: when you got married did your wife make a promise when you borrowed money to bite house. that mortgage that was 10 years ago. you still asking fo me for money. if you make a commitment you mick a commitment. >>reporter: biggest obstacle to any deal that raises taxes but with budget chris's on the horizon and reelected president insisting on tax increases some republicans are now thinking the unthinkable. ditching the pledge. >> i will violate the pledge long story short for the good of the country. >> i'm not obligated on the pledge. >> world was changed. >> over republican in the past sign it nearly a third of the newly elected house republicans refused to sign it this time.
9:32 pm
the pledge could be a big step toward a deal with the president and on monday another republican senator lisa told abc news she too would be willing to break the pledge in exchange for spending cuts. this is good news washington. >> vulnerable tax deduction from mortgage interest as president obama and congress try to work out a deal that reduces the budget different situations. cap would likely be amend at high income schooled. >> president obama is now pondering cabinet reshuffle and republicans are softening on one of the leading candidate to replace hillary clinton. 7 news political reporter mark matthews tonight with short list that includes some well known bay area names. >> president known for some time that secretary of treasury tim guy and secretary of state hillary clinton are heeded for the door. leading candidate fo
9:33 pm
is rice but republican senator vowed to fight. if she got the nod. >> we will did whatever is necessary to block the name nation. >> the president fired back. >> when they after the un ambassador because she's an easy target? they have a problem with it. >>reporter: tonight senator mccain backing away. >> i think she deserves the ability and opportunity to explain herself and her position. >>reporter: ambassador not rivt. the attack was responsible taken us event. >> boosed on the information we have at present l is that in fact what this began as was responsible taken us not pre-med indicated response to what transpivrd in cairo. >>reporter: he wouldn't repeat his vow to stand in rice's way.
9:34 pm
>> there will be a lot of questions asked of her about this events and others? a today the white house secretary would not say if the president plans to nominate her. there is some speculation that tim geithner job will probably good to white house chef of staff. there is talk of business ceo type like facebook. and while at facebook she has served on president obama job council. she also serves on the walt disney board of director and they own this tv along with the christine rover floated for the post until 2 years ago. xhi economist was chair of the economic advisor. goobl google executive name mentioned in connection with that top job at treasury. >> carmel native also planning on lethal his pobl post as secretary of defense. the first woman in that job if she
9:35 pm
gets the nod but senator john kerry already considered tuberculosis a front runner. bay area member of the president can net to speck wit with. steve chu is also expected to step down and if he does, about former state controller steve wesley gets a nod. he was considered for a cup net post. first tomorrow. abc debt yad. >> he will run for secretary of state. made announcement on twitter space book pages. he will be trimmed out in 2014. if elected he hopes to expand california on line voser region strition president obama to on line voting program. he began the political career as san francisco school board member in 1988. he was san francisco supervisor and state assemblyman. to health news. smoke is terrible for you. but now researchers at colleges college london says it's fact your
9:36 pm
brace administer effect memory and learning in people over 50. sdwroom federal authorities have shut down the nation largest organic peanut butter producer. fda found salmonella contamination at the new york passing inform settle. puns of stores including fave. 41 people in 20 states mostly chirp became 6 after eating sunland stad owe. higher risk of suffering from autism. universities of southern california examine exposed to mom is presenting or first degree. they have suspect that had it may a risk farther. increase overed pass 2 years now fix 1 in 8 children bark in
9:37 pm
vl since 2006. >> so many chihuahua in the bay area humane society is taking a drastic step to slow down the birth rate. peninsula humane society will pay the owner there is toal to have the dog spayed or murdered. 20 percent of dog shattered to other person so they aren't often he adopted. the counties can refuse the free treatment. >> greatest man hunt of all >> greatest man hunt of all time. nc seals killed abc
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>>reporter: san francisco police put up a help wanted sign today. sf pd new accepting applications between new and december 7 for those whether weren't to gin the force. at one point so many people applied the system crashed. plans call for hiring 300 new officers during the next 2 years. >> 4 north professor deputies rhode island police officers are facing disciplinary action for making 5 by his did push up as punishment for denialing a mail becomes. it happened on friday after william called to report the damage. officers spotted the boys in a car made them get out and did the push up thinking it was the best way to reprimand them. he called the officer action unacceptable saying they took the law in their own hands he wants them suspended. >> egyptian president mohammad morsi will scale back the decree he issued last week he says which would have given him sweeping judicial powers. he will reach new agreement and potential against the new
9:42 pm
rules. upped the agreement the court has the power to rae view more edict. dairy farm intereurope took anger to the street today after low milk prices. sfichlt farmer from several country soaked police with mike outside the area pine headquarters in russell today. the currently being hold at low prussia cost tlat being the survival of the mark. well lack at further rae form on wednesday. it was a year and a half ago when osama bin laden was kill. we now we learn about central character would made it possible and she's the central figure in a new movie. martha has an exclusive interview with film director catherine bigelo bigelow. >> the story everyone thinks they know. stealth nighttime raid by the seal team 6 subpoena sweeping into the bin
9:43 pm
laden compound in pakistan. >> you are in the elements you are you can't see anything. >>reporter: zero dark 30 has it all. but oscar winning team behind the foot locker focused on stunning new quit at the center of the decade long man hunt him if cia officer here. played in the movie by jessica chastain. >> i don't want to use. the dip and all the geevrment i want to drop a bomb. >> blown away when i realize was this young woman would had kind of tenacity and dedication and courage she would never say no. >> you are going to kill him for me. >>reporter: it was mia called who relengthlessly focused on long forgotten courier. link that would led to the terrorist himself. >> i'm curious how she felt about it. at what point she
9:44 pm
gnaw she welcome back the focus of the movie. >> a lot of people that i spoke to were in an unusual position because they were proud of what they had done yet they had more or less resigned themselves to the fact that what they have done is not something they could tack about publicly. >> for one very good reason. hollywood movie or not many of the real star of this film like mia are likely back at work. back in the shadow. abc news los angeles. lines are long and hope is deep. how you can participate in the biggest jock pot ever from
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for get about dreams of sugar plum this holiday season. thousands of americans are dreeling of winning the biggest power ball jackpot ever this wednesday. winning jackpot at 4 25 million dollars and growing for wednesday drawing. odds 1 in 175 million. now california disnot participate but the nearest state selling power ball with arizona and oregon. tl if you are flying this week a late over if dalla dallas, denver, chicago or atlanta, we'll give you the chants to pick up a ticket. or ask your out of state relative to by you 1. in the mean time we have some tips from people who hit the prize before. remember the 8 meat packing workers would captured the nation imagination winning it was million dollars each, single ticket. >> i have been retired for about 4 days now. >>reporter: today we checked in on them. remember dave galey the sanitation supervisor who showed up to work for 3 weeks after he won. >> couldn't leave them on a
9:49 pm
bind. >>reporter: he told us today he's finally took some vacations. bought a nissan and sold 2 bedroom house for a three bedroom welcome back in lincoln. we found 7 of the 8 we knowers live in lincoln. population 2 70,000. >> i think the valley rrnt the same. were family men but not all. >> no. >>reporter: that was a woman few years ago she got married. lucky guy rob stewart right there. he too was one of the lucky 8. his ex-wife got half of his engines. how can you increase your odds? are there lessons from the nebraska 8. wing ticket was chosen by a xawter. but experts say quick pick and personal numbers have the same chance of winning. 1 in 175 million. the only way to increase the chances of winning to buy more detectives. more everyone buy the less likely you are to win. >> because a lot of people buy tickets it actually makes the
9:50 pm
ticket a bad bet. >>reporter: so search for lottery that may have smaller jack pot and also smaller frenzy and in those lottery stay away from common lucky numbers leak 3, 7, 11. this is abc news new york. >> all right let's get one last check of the weather with sandhya. >> live doppler 7 hd writ new. high cloud moving in and fog. visibility is poor. napa did you know to 3 quarters of a mile. watch out for the fog in the morning. it will be dense. here's storm no. 1 arriving wednesday. storm no. 2 due in thursday and here's last in the series friday night heading that saturday so we are going to have a stretch of wet and windy conditions. tomorrow afternoon temperatures will be in the upper 50's to the low 60's and we may see a few sprinkles but the real windy wet weather starts on wednesday and then we will have periods of wet windy weather really right on through the weekend before we get a short break. even monday looks like a chance of showers. need to hang on tight. >> all right thank you sandhya.
9:51 pm
>> mike is here with sports and what do you do when you have 2 great quarterback. >> find out later this week. frainer head coach harbaugh has big decision to make and now that he has 2 healthy quarterback collin 2 start this quarterback collin 2 start this season or his regular startser
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>> coming up at 11:00. holiday job outlook. all signs indicate take businesses across the bay area are ready to hire. >> also a spin in a car designed specifically for wome women. auto maker even claims it can help us look younger. hum. the stories and more on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. sports and if you have a problem having 2 good quarterback. >> that's a good problem to have. >> yes. >> cars for men. >> i don't know. >> if coach harbaugh quarterback dilemma good thing to have 2 good ones. but who should start sunday against the ram in st. louis. smith is the captain and starter. like the fact harbaugh kept him out of the yesterday game against the
9:55 pm
saints as he was still having symptoms from the concussion two weeks ago even though he was cleared. collin did what he was supposed to do as back up. come in and put 2 w in the win column. different skill sets. collin more mobile. able to avoid sack. as stronger arm while alec more comfortable in the offense. more accurate. old school thinking don't lose your job due to injury. new school go with the hot hand. here's the coach with the dilemma 8. alec smith is our starting quarterback. he has not done anything to lose that job. collin can't category him as a back up quarterback because he started games. played very well in the games. we'll say that quarterback is probably wednesday in the biggest reason is so our players aren't all pressured to who is it. everybody hammering them for the information.
9:56 pm
>> this decision can divide a locker room. i have seen it happen. jim is a loyal guy. making one of the toughest choice of his professional career wednesday so stay tune. >> all right bad news for the niners. lost wide receiver kyle williams with torn acl in the left knee. the knee buckled. hate to site happen. having good year. of others can pick up the slack. hunter hurt on the same play. no word on his status. but there's a kim lying in wait. raiders bless their heart. lost 4 straight game yesterday if cincinnati. given up 169 points. those 4 games will scoring only 79. raiders defense can't seem to stop anybody. ben and ran for 129 of the team 2 21 yards rushing. raiders may the worst tackle team in the nfl right new and never on the same page in the kochbling. offense palmer lake a sitting duck in the pocket. team just pinning ear back and
9:57 pm
going after hill. throwing for a season low. 146 yard. the coach is trying to remain positive. >> we have obviously got to look what the we are diagnose and who we are asking to do it. and somewhere in there we find that solution what happened that issue is. we have got to put our players in the best position to make plays and then when we put them in those position they make play. we are all accountable for it. we have all got to do our job. and that's what we intend to d do. >>reporter: monday night football. eagle hosted panthers vick side line with concussion. first appearance on monday night here. kansas state rookie made the most of the first nfl start. this 65 yarder and fumbled twice but nut on tonight. 30 6 yard passing 4 touch down 2 passing 2 running. panthers clip the eagles 30-22. both teams are 3 and 8. >> switch over to college football. stanford shaw pack
9:58 pm
12 coach of the year for second straight season. cardinal will host ucla for the pack 12 title friday night on the farm with a winner getting a berth in the road bowl. played saturday. stanford won big but it's tough to beat the same team twice in a row and back-to-back week at any level. adjustment made. more on the line with the rose bowl. stanford players thought they made the last walk to the stadium two weeks ago. >> big to come back here. fv our last game last time we were hear but we are back. so i hope the fans will be there. going to be a good environment. so i mean ready to play. >>reporter: all right further south san jose state football rank in the first time in school history. check in at number 25. congratulations to head coach mike and staff and players. end the year 10 and 2 await bowl destination. to the hard wood big game for jeff.
9:59 pm
triple double 16 point 12 rebound and school record 12 block. he did all he could to keep san jose state in the game. game high 30 points 7 rebound and 5 steals but not enough. kansas wins 70-57. spartan fall to 2 and 2. interesting week this week at the 49ers. >> yes. >> i have a feeling he will stick with alec smith with alec because he's so loyal to him. he will be on a shorter leash than in the past. work in collin somehow into the game in little pajts. see what happens. >> thank you. thanks for joining us. for all of us here at abc 7 news thanks for watching. next newscast at abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7 and you can always watch us on line at 7 the 7 news exclusive alarm clock app is available for your android phone or tablet and the kindle fire. down load from the app store an

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